Lets take some time and travel back in time with these vintage camping photos. Imagine in a time like these where there were less stress and a better balance of fun. Would you have did it the same way? Do we do it the same way today? Have anything the below pictures changed the way we are camping today? Have a stroll through and enjoy the timeless captures. Camping truly lives on every generation and the food for soul never dies with time. 

^Luxury camping (Glamping) certainly was a thing back then. Just by looking at this picture above this man surely trurned heads in envy with his towing combination..

^ It would truly be amazing to know what year the roof top tent was invented. Looking at the design above it surely stiil the bench mark of todays roof tops.

^ Even 60 years ago awesome memories was made. Camping always made everlasting memories.

^ Motor camping books comes a long way to motivate the next adventure. Still today we turn their pages.

^ Camping is for everyone and even 70 years ago the quick DIY weekenders away was treasured moments.

^ Wonder if a braai / barbeque followed the immediate next move after camp was set up back then 

^ Caravans might have changed on the outside but the setup inside I'm sure must be that of today except the microwaves. 

^ Revolutionary back then end evolutionary today. Still a highly demandable setup for die hard outdoors families.

^ Could this be the first caravan or boswa/camping trailer? We all know the awesome feeling these guys felt when they decided on their spot. We still feel the same today

^ Pop out sides comes a long way. 

^Neighbors and campfires. Nothing has changed here

^ Replace the car with a colour photo and the tent on a Ford Ranger. All to familiar 

^ Camping came in all forms and sizes big or small. Same designs different times.

^ Towing combinations of the past. 

^ Was the stands geared with electricity points? I think not and they survived weeks of awesome times

^ Teardrop designs never a thing of the past. Grandma and Grandpa of your Grandma and Grandpa certainly didn't camp much different to the way we are doing it today. With all the luxuries we have today on camp grounds are great but I'm sure these folks had it better. Camping tip and tricks/hacks must have been on another level back then. Wonder how good the food was? The times looks as good as it gets.