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Incredibly soft and thirsty Suede Microfibre Travel Towels,  big enough to make you super happy 😀

180cm x 90cm

(Which, put into perspective,  is almost the same soze as your bedroom door).

Not only are these towels as soft as suede, they wick water from your body without the need for rubbing.  But just as quickly as they absorb water, they dry in record time, too. Which makes them perfect for even the humid KZN North Coast conditions.

Best of all, is how incredibly small they fold up, leaving loads of space in your backpack for all your other essential adventure goodies.


Our end of range sale is now on, and stocks are very limited.

Also available,  but selling out fast, is our range of suede microfibre kids hooded towels.

Hurry on over to

www.thatgr8.com while stocks last.


Because That's Great, isn't it?


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