1. Yes it is free and easy.We do however have an option to boost your advertisement to a FEATURED AD for R60 (pay via secure Payfast instant EFT) and enjoy your ad to be always on top and highlighted. 
  2. All featured ads automatically gets shared on all the big social media networks (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) with relevant #tags via our A.I. Bot to source more views outside of the website. On the website all featured ads will always appear on the very top and in each page viewed highlighted as FEATURED. For R60 it will be featured ad for 15 days and a small price to pay for the huge…
  3. No. Its the publisher responsibility to remove ads when product is sold or mark it as sold. Log in to your profile and you have the option to remove the ad. Or contact [email protected] and request the ad to be removed.
  4. Yes.Camptree currently enjoy between 500 and 700 visitors a day and growing in popularity amongst campers. 
  5. Yes.As long as it is camping and outdoors related. Benefit here is your ad remains on the site until you personally remove it. So you only have to publish it once. When ad ages you can bump it back to the top by making it a featured ad (Cost of R60 payable on site)
  6. When you publish a new ad there will be an option block you can tick to make it featured (R60 payment required). Your ad will have the benefit of always being on top in home page and every sub page visited for 15 days. It will be highlighted as featured and automatically distributed and marketed on social media platforms with #tags (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) via our A.I Bot technology. Now…
  7. Yes you can.You can report any ad on site when viewing the ad or mail us at [email protected] and we will review and respond within 24 hours.
  8. YES. Camptree is a buy and sell online communications platform service we provide the users and viewers to advertise or buy camping goods and will not be liable for any damages, theft or any illegal activity outside of the website's purpose. We advise all buyers not to pay any moneys before goods are received and report suspicions sellers at [email protected] We advise all sellers not…
  9. Very easy.Look for the publish new button on the right top of every page including the home page and follow the 3 easy steps.
  10. Yes.You can publish as many as you wish as long as it is camping and outdoors related. When you login your profile on the right top of the home page all your ads posted will appear and you can edit or remove as you wish.
  11. You can log in your profile on the top right of the home page and all your ads listed will appear in your profile. Edit or remove as you wish and save.
  12. Contact us at [email protected] We have a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months option at extremely affordable rates that will guarantee your product or business prime advertising and a great return on your investment.