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Use your Bakkie's loading space as a Giant Cooler


Bakkie Coolers are enormous cooler bags that fill the loading space of your bakkie. They are ideal for transporting carcasses and big amounts of meats that need to keep cold. 

These Giant Coolers are not just bakkie liners to keep your vehicle clean but are well insulated to keep stuff cold. The outer shells of all our Giant Coolers are manufactured from high-quality ripstop canvas that prevents scuffing and tearing when accidentally punctured. The coolers are insulated with extra thick convoluted foam. 

During testing, a vehicle drove 400km in the sun. The temperature in the Giant Cooler only rose 3/4 degrees. 

A thick PVC lining forms the inner of the Giant Coolers. This lining is not stitched but welded together to form a seamless, waterproof inner. The PVC inner is not attached to the bottom of the cooler. It can be pulled out to make cleaning so much easier. 

The lid is lined with a special Alumina fabric that keeps cold in better. Strong webbing straps go all the way around our Giant Coolers to give extra support and sturdy zips prevent dust from entering the cooler. 

Giant Coolers are flexible, foldable and easy to pack away. 

Giant Coolers are available for most bakkie sizes but can also be custom made and dimensions are adjustable on request to fit your loading space.

From R2700

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