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Camping Dustbin


Keep your campsite or bakkie tidy with this great dustbin that attaches to cattle rails or a tent pole. It stays upright and holds 50 litres of rubbish! No need for that horrible plastic bag or a rigid bin that is large and in the way.

This portable dustbin consists of two layers: A strong canvas outer layer and a thick waterproof PVC inner layer. The PVC lining is not stitched but welded together to form a seamless, waterproof inner. The inner is not attached to the bottom of the dustbin and can be pulled out to make cleaning so much easier.

A standard black bag can be used as a bin liner. It can also be used without a liner because it is washable.

The lid is removable but cannot get lost because it is attached to the bin.

Two options:
Standard 70 cm x 30 cm R650
With zip and flap 70 cm x 30 cm R750

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