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Our very popular Cattle Rail Camping Bar


The Camping Bar is a mobile bar that attaches to the cattle rails of your bakkie with nine high-quality Velcro straps.

It can also be attached to three supported tent poles with three strong webbing straps with heavy-duty eyelets.

We offer a new choice of attaching to rope rails on your caravan or camping trailer.

The Camping Bar contains a great insert that attaches securely to the bar.

Holds cutlery, spices, braai tongs and other braai utensils.

Behind the front pockets there are four pouches to hold bottles, glasses, and utensils.

One large watertight cooler pouch is provided to hold your cooldrink and ice.

A serving tray folds out and is kept level with adjustable straps. A handy place to put your roaster with braai meat. No need for an extra table.

There are holes in the tray to hold glasses while pouring.

Zip it up when travelling to protect your valuables.

All pouches are removable to make cleaning easier.

Made from high-quality ripstop canvas.

Height Width Thickness
90 cm 50 cm 20 cm

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