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A new exciting Cattle Rail Cooler with two pockets. 


The Two Pocket Cattle Rail Cooler is a handy addition to your camping and hunting outfit.

Cattle Rail Coolers mount to the cattle rails of your bakkie with 3 sets of heavy-duty Velcro fasteners The outer shell of this soft cooler is manufactured from high-quality ripstop canvas. A thick Alumina lining and sturdy foam forms the inner of the cooler, providing superior insulation. The lining is not stitched but welded together to form a seamless, waterproof inner. The three pockets are individually waterproofed and will not leak through. The heavy-duty zips provide a dustproof seal.


Standard: Holds four 6-packs
Standard Deluxe: Also holds four 6-packs and has added insulated, removable, zipped pockets to the sides.
Model Height Width Thickness
Standard 40 cm 50 cm 10 cm
Standard Deluxe 40 cm 70 cm 10 cm

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