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The Convenient Cooler


Keep your drinks and snacks together in one bag!

The Convenient Cooler is an exceptional cooler due to its superior insulation.

The Single Convenient Cooler has three pockets. One pocket holds a 2-litre cold drink in an upright position. Another pocket holds ice and the third larger pocket can hold meat, ice or glasses.

The Double Convenient Cooler has four pockets. It has al the features of the Single Convenient Cooler, but yet another large pocket is added to hold that whatever you need for the perfect braai!

A special Alumina lining forms the inner. Alumina has superior insulation properties. The lining is not stitched but welded together to form a seamless, waterproof inner. The inner is not attached to the bottom of the cooler. It can be partially pulled out to make cleaning so much easier. The lid is also lined with Alumina fabric that keeps cold in better.

The outer layer is made from quality canvas. Like all our coolers it is waterproof and dustproof.

Choose from a variety of colours.

Single 30 x 30 x 30cm 27 Liter R650
Double 57 x 30 x 30cm 49 Liter R1200

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