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Our popular Deluxe Travel Bag is one of a kind.


It consists of four compartments. The wonderful shoe compartment on the side keeps your shoes separate from your clean clothes. The top compartment can be used for small items like chargers, a tablet, documents or your favourite book. The next compartment can hold underwear and socks and the bottom compartment is ideal for pants and shirts. All these compartments are individually zipped. They are stacked on top of each other to form this super travel bag. Everything is kept neat and tidy!

The outer of the Deluxe Travel Bag is made from high-quality ripstop canvas while the inside is made from soft but strong Oxford lining. There are sturdy protective rails at the bottom giving the bag rigidity and protect it. Two wheels at the bottom make transport easy.

This travel bag has a completely rigid bottom making it compliant with airport baggage regulations.

Small 52 x 34 x 30cm 58 Liter R1200
Medium 70 x 37 x 36cm 93 Liter R1800
Large 90 x 37 x 36cm 129 Liter R2500

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