Hikvision F6 pro dash camera (new)

Description: HIKVISION F6 PRO INCLUDING 128 GB MEMORY CARD R2099.00 ex Alberton. WhatsApp 071 053 0034 FUNCTION AND SPECIFICATION Full HD Dashcam [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] The image quality can be adjusted by by mobile APP User may determine the SD card recording length accordingly, e.g. around 3 hours recording with 32GB card Support H.265 Camera uses a 130° wide-angle with F1.6 aperture lens 6 Layers HD glass lenses with filter Driving & Parking Mode Support driving recording Support parking recording, a dedicated Fuse Cable is required additionally Time-lapse video recording in Parking Mode Intelligent Low Power Saving parking monitoring Dedicated Fuse Power Supply Cable for parking monitoring the voltage supplied by vehicle battery through hardware and software detection Cut-off voltage can be set through mobile APP Automatically shuts down when it detects that the vehicle’s power supply voltage is lower than 11.7V 3.8M Original USB Cable with Adaptors Included Artificial Intelligence with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems FVDW(Front Vehicle Departure Warning) Speed-Limit Sign Recognition Traffic Lights Turning Notification ADAS Functions can be turn on/off by using mobile APP English voice prompts Suitable for international users image452 Built-in G-Sensor/WIFI/GPS Built-in three-axis acceleration sensor Emergency video is activated during collision Collision lock function prevents important segments from being covered G-Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by mobile APP Built-in WiFi to connect mobile APP Live view, playback of video clips, download recordings, feature settings In-App video sharing through social media APPs, e.g. whatsapp/wechat/etc. Built-in high-precision GPS, storage of driving records Compass Navigation Satellite System (BDS) image453 Voice Snapshot Function & 4G Remote Module Voice Command with snap shot function Compatible with 4G Cloud Box Remote Live, playback of video clips, download recordings GPS location of vehicle Notification of emergency recording Notification of high-temperature shut down Notification of low-voltage shut down Processor and Image Processing CMOS image sensor Super Night Vision : In low light conditions, 3D denoising effectively eliminates noise, always good at capturing low-light scenes without over the top noise OSD Information Overlay : Support date, time, speed and other information added Security Level Monitoring Mechanism Automatic loop and seamless recording Real-time monitoring of SD status via voice alarm Support Class 10 Micro SD Card Up to 128GB Supported Other Specifications Operating Temperature:-20~70 °C Power Consumption:Less than 2W Input Power Specification:5VDC 2A Voice Input:Built in high sensitivity microphone By using Mobile APP to switch on/off voice recording function Support parking mode voice recording Built in speaker to support voice prompts

Publish Date: 13-03-21